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Opel PSC Dalmacija Citroen PSC Split

General business agreement


The renter is obliged to the following, and with his or her signature on the contract confirms:

  • that he or she is older than 21 years of age and has in his or her possession a driver’s license at least 2 years * (for bigger categories of vehicles from group K minimum of 25 years of age and 5 years of driving experience is needed)
  • that he or she will bring the rented vehicle back with all of its belonging equipment and gear in the time and location predetermined with the signed contract or on the request of the owner
  • that if needed, the renter will request an extension of the rent contract from the owner at least 48 hours before the end of the rent contract
  • that he or she will take care of the technical validity of the rented vehicle and the mandatory periodical vehicle inspection
  • that the vehicle will be maintained and cleaned regularly with the car of a good host
  • that the rented vehicle won’t be used with illegal purposes (e.g. for crimes or customs and foreign exchange violations), for training of new drivers, for transportation and hauling of other vehicles, trailers and for participation in various motorsports races and events
  • that the vehicle won’t be rented further to 3rd parties and that the renter and only people that are named in the contract be allowed to driver the rented vehicle
  • that the rented vehicle won’t be loaded with too many people or objects exceeding the maximum allowed weight and that the vehicle will be moved only on routes of I. and II. order
  • that the renter is not allowed to pass through borders of the Republic of Croatia without permission of the owner which is specifically entered in the contract. Countries in which it is not allowed to enter: Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria

If the renter is caught in any of the above mentioned transgressions, he or she is obliged to pay full damages for any and all damage occurred to the rented vehicle, whose extent will be determined by the owner.

The renter must not make any change in the parts, assembly or gear in the rented vehicle without previously confirming the change with the owner.

The cost of fuel needed to run the vehicle bears the renter, that is the quantity of fuel in the vehicle tank must be the same or nearly the same as at the time of issuing.

The renter is considered responsible for any driving or parking violations and fees that occurred while the vehicle was rented.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the vehicle. If it is determined that the renter has smoked in the vehicle, dry cleaning fees will be charged when the vehicle is brought back.


Entry and transmission of personal information and payment information (credit card info) is secured with an SSL protocol of 256-bit encryption which is provided by WSpay™ system for online authorization of cred cards. Authorization and payment by credit cards works through WSpay™ system for authorization and payment of cred cards in real time.

As a guarantee of payment, a valid credit card is needed (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX or DINERS).

During vehicle pick up, an authorization of funds will be verified dependent on the category of the rented vehicle.

During vehicle drop off, as a payment method you can use a credit (above mentioned) or debit card (MAESTRO or VISA electron), cash or a bank transfer (method depends on a previous arrangement with the owner).

Input and transfer of personal data and credit card numbers is protected by SSL 256-bit encryption which is secured by the WSpay™ system for online credit card authentication. Authorization and payment through credit cards work by using the WSpay™ system for authorization and payment with cards in real time.

As a guarantee of payment, avalid credit card is required (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX or DINERS).

During vehicle pick up, authorization of funds is processed depending on the category of the rented vehicle.

During vehicle drop off, as a means of payment a credit card, electronic cards (VISA Electron or Maestro), cash or invoice paymentcan can be used (with the prior consent of the lessor).


All vehicles are insured against liability for any damages caused to a third party.

The deductible depends on the type of car and is determined by the lessor’s tariff and is listed in the contract.

CDW – daily car insurance – with this insurance the lessee reduces his or her liability for any damages to the rented vehicle dependant on the vehicle category.

TP – Theft Protection – user limits his or her liability for this type of damage to the amount of the excess (franchise)

The risk and the amount of obligation of compensation for vehicle damage, the lessee can reduce by accepting the following:

CDW + – purchase of franchise – paying a daily extra charge the lessee can buy the participation in any vehicle damages

CDW and TP are compulsory insurances and are included in the rental price, while CDW + is an additional option for the client.

Insurance does not cover:

  • damage to tires, rims and wheels
  • damage to the underside of the vehicle, the vehicle interior, the windscreen and other windows of the rented vehicles
  • damage – burnt clutch of the vehicle
  • engine damage due to lack of oil or filling the wrong fuel or careless use
  • damage caused by the loss of documents or keys or vehicle license plates
  • damage caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar intoxicants
  • damage caused by an unauthorized driver
  • damage that was done abroad, and crossing the border has not been approved by the lessor
  • any damage to the vehicle that was not reported to the apropriate police station or lessor agent

If any case of the above adverse events (circumstances) happen, the lessee is responsible for the full amount of the damage.

The lessor is not liable for damage or loss of property of the lessee in the rented vehicle.

Conduct in case of an accident

The lessee agrees that in the event of an accident he or she will protect the interests of the lessor and his insurance company by:

  • recording the names and addresses of all participants in the accident
  • insuring the vehicle safty or removing the vehicle before it leaves
  • reporting even the smallest (insignificant) damage to the nearest police station and file an accident report
  • calling the police and waiting for them in case of major damage or if the accident has injured people involved as well as in all cases of apparent responsibility for the accident of other persons so that the traffic police can carry out an official investigation and by informing the nearest lessor’s agent.
  • enclosing any accident reports and/or alcohol breath tests to the lessor, if any happened during the vehicle rent period

If the lessee does not take the appropriate above described steps in the event of an accident, he or she is responsible for all consequences and damages to the vehicle which the lessor will pay.

Reservation changes and cancellation

If the lessee wishes to change or cancel a reservation, he or she must do so in writing (e-mail or fax).

Reservation changing includes any changes to the reservation user (vehicle driver) or the change of the desired vehicle rent period.

If the lessee cancels the reservation up to 14 days before the agreed time, the lessee will be charged 10,00€ for the cancellation.

If the lessee cancels the reservation within 14 days of the agreed rental time or does not pick up the vehicle or cancels after the agreed upon time the lessee will be charged 20% of the total reservation cost.


By confirming the reservation and paying the advance or the total amount, the lessee accepts the above conditions.


If any disputes happen between the lessee and lessor, the court in the seat of the lessor company has jurisdiction.