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By signing this statement, I voluntarily authorize PSC Dalmacija d.o.o. , Putina Mostina 12, Split to collect and process my personal information above for the purposes of maintaining marketing contacts with me (submitting product and service offers, promotional offers, campaigns and ads, and market research via mobile phones , e-mail and mail). PSC Dalmacija d.o.o. shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data are processed and used in a safe manner and in accordance with applicable legislation. PSC Dalmacija d.o.o. will allow you to ask questions about processing your personal information, or requesting their deletion or correction at any time, at PSC Dalmacija d.o.o. or at the following e-mail address: Please provide your correct personal information when submitting any of your queries or correction or deletion requests, in order to facilitate your identification. Furthermore, you are authorized to file a complaint regarding the processing / retention of your personal information. If you do not agree with our decision on your complaint, you can contact the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency or the competent court.
Registry number of personal data collection PSC Dalmatia d.o.o. in Croatia: 13813

PSC Dalmacija

Put Mostina 12a, Split, Croatia